Choose from two types of accounts

First, download the app on the App Store. After filling in your details, select the account type you’d like to create.

Select ‘Paying Client’ if you are an individual or company. This account type is for people who want to hire filmmakers (Cast & Crew), and the user interface, functions and requirements are totally different from that of a filmmakers account.

If you are a Filmmaker, Select ‘Cast or Crew’ on the sign up screen.

Setwork defines a Filmmaker as anyone who can be hired to work ON or OFF a film set. Be that an actor, dancer, make up artist or key grip.

Creating a filmmaker account will allow you to be seen on the Setwork Map, get booked for jobs and get paid straight into your bank account.

A quick point to note here is, you can set up both a Filmmaker account AND Client account.

In a future update you will be able to seamlessly switch between both as needed.

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