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Setwork was built by international filmmakers with a plethora of global film production experience.

Our platform has been meticulously developed to enhance the lives of both the creative filmmaker and paying client, in such a way that gives a life long benefit to on demand film production.

Setwork is a user-led, ever growing platform with a vast list of features from Amendment Requests, Instant Payouts to Payment Analytics and Refunds.

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Leverage instant access to pro filmmakers and discover talent cost effectively.

Global Booking

Hire anywhere in the world or get hired on the move by changing your current location.

Payment Security

World class payment gateway. Only pay when the job is complete.

Instant Booking


The sky is no limit
Future driven features

Filmmakers have come together to build the future collectively

Instant Payouts For Filmmakers.

No more waiting around for invoices to be paid. Simply complete the job and get paid directly into your account.

Contract Protection.
Freelancer Agreements baked into every booking for clarity and peace of mind.
Amendment Requests.

Filmmakers get paid for delivered remote work, eliminating the risk of working past your hourly rate and can charge per amendment.

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