How Filmmakers Get Paid

This tutorial guides you through the process of getting paid on Setwork.

A client will usually message you to discuss details about a shoot to see if you are interested and available.

Once you’ve been booked on a job, you will receive an email notification starting the call time, location and duration of the booking.

Let’s head over to the ‘Bookings Tab’ in the menu screen and tap ‘Pending’. Here you will be able to see all the details for the upcoming project.

On the shoot day, and at the exact call time of the booking. The button “Start Job” will appear. Both the Client and Filmmaker must press this to confirm the start of the job.

This ensures the time, date and location the button was pressed, to ensure the validity of the booking.

During the booking, if something was to go wrong, you can report it to us and stop the booking at any time. Setwork priorities safety amongst all else and we have safeguards in place to ensure a safe working experience for all our users.

At the end of the day, both Client and Filmmaker can confirm completion of the job by pressing “Job Complete”.

Once this is done, the Filmmaker will be paid straight into their bank account. A key point to note here is that: your first payment can take up to 5 working days to reach your account, however after this ‑ each job can be paid out within 24 hours.

Thank you for watching Setwork Tutorials. In the next episode we'll be exploring the Setwork app as a client, showing how you can hire filmmakers.

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