How To Hire Filmmakers

This tutorial will show you how to hire filmmakers on Setwork.

At the top of the screen is a search bar that says “Find Filmmakers”. Tap that and you will be presented the list of 78 types of filmmakers (Cast & Crew) to choose from. Simply tap ‘Find Filmmakers’ at the top of the screen and type in the job role you are looking to hire.

Once you’ve made your choice, Setwork Map will populate with all the corresponding filmmakers in your area. For ease of use, tap once on the pins to see a users star rating, day rate and other services they provide. Pay attention to users with a blue tick on their profile, they are Verified and vetted users can be contacted and hired for jobs.

If one sparks your interest, tap again and you will be taken to their profile where you can see their work, message them, check their availability with Setwork Calendar and proceed to hire. Press ‘Book’ to get started.

Welcome to the Setwork Calendar. Here you can choose your dates of hire. A one day booking can be selected by pressing the 1st to 2nd of June for example, this will be confirmed on the next screen for you to verify.

Press ‘select dates’ and you will be taken to the booking review page where you can confirm the details of the shoot, specify the exact call time, location and save money with a Setwork coupon code. When you’re ready, hit pay by card and you have now successfully created your first booking.

A receipt will be sent to your email and the filmmaker hired will also receive an email notification about this shoot as well as an update within Setwork App.

Head over to the ‘Bookings Tab’ and under ‘Pending’ you will be able to see the current booking that you just made.

On the day of the shoot, you and the filmmaker will both confirm your attendance by pressing “Start Job” and at the end of the shoot you both will press “Job Complete” to confirm the wrap. This must be confirmed in order for the filmmaker to get paid. You can always cancel a job if the filmmaker is over one hour late or didn’t show up and rest assured that your card will not be debited.

Setwork now gives users the ability to make a booking ahead of time, with no limitations. A booking can only be made 24 hours in advance as a minimum to allow for the proper processing of the booking itself.

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