How to verify your ID

This tutorial guides you through the Setwork verification process.

To be seen on the Setwork Map, you will need to verify your ID and set up your bank account to be paid.

Click on the Wallet tab in the menu screen.

Before entering your payout bank details, tap the ‘Verify ID’ button at the top of the screen. Follow the onboarding flow, filling out all the required fields and verify your photo ID, if prompted.

When asked for what industry you work in, select “Entertainment and Recreation”.

Once that’s saved, the security checks may take a few hours to update. Once updated, the ‘Verify’ button will now say ‘Verification Complete’ and at this moment you can now fill out your bank details to get paid.

Tap the ‘save' button, and you will now officially be discoverable on the Setwork Map, which means clients can book and hire you for jobs.

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